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Original Character Application Form

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Original Character Application Form Empty Original Character Application Form

Post by Sephany Shadows on Wed Dec 25, 2013 8:46 pm

Hey guys, it's me CAD Seph. And I'll be conducting a new roleplay thread. But before that (Since I'm still preparing) to those who wants to join please submit your character application form. Fill up the format below.

P.S. And please don't get over the limits. (That I mean having almost impossible abilities and what-not. )

Godly parent:
Special powers
Mortal family:
Roman or Greek?:
Signature outfit:
Single or in a relationship?:
If in a relationship, please submit another form with their boyfriend/girlfriends info:
Ethnicity (Nationality);
Hair color:
Hair type:
Eye color:
Favorite Class:
Least Favorite Class:
Best Subject:
Worst subject:
Characters you want them to interact with and how
Fatal flaw:
Any other information:
Sephany Shadows
Sephany Shadows
Camp Activities Director
Camp Activities Director

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Original Character Application Form Empty Re: Original Character Application Form

Post by Sephany Shadows on Wed Dec 25, 2013 8:49 pm

(My character has a background . She turns a full goddess at the age of 18. )

Name:Persephany Asphodeline Shadows Aidoneus

Godly parent: Hades and Persephone

Special powers: Dark related powers for hades side like Necromacy, witchcraft, controls fire and the earth.
for mother side; she has something to do with nature stuff especially flowers and controlling them.

Mortal family: She lives with her 'father' Steven (who is actually Charon in disguised). She lives in a condo just around Long Island NY.

Personality: Friendly when spoken to. She is usually pale looking and creepy beautiful type of girl. She protects her friends and willing to sacrifice for them. She is a fierce femme-fatal. A leader.

Roman or Greek?: Pure Ancient Greek

Friends: Those who gets close to her :)She's friendly even though shes gothish Razz

Enemies: Kronos (her grandpa) since he wants her in his army..

Signature outfit:She wore a lot of black. A customized chain belt that is really hard to describe. The only thing they understand is the 'gothic letter S' on it.That which is actually her weapon the funerium scythe but she never uses it unless it has to be use. she's into leather boots and snake skin jeans.

Single or in a relationship?: That time she was in a relationship with Luke Castellan (who is a soul to be reincarnated in the Isle of the blest

If in a relationship, please submit another form with their boyfriend/girlfriends info: (uhm... u know LUKE ^.^ )

Age: Mortal age 17 (reborn) ; god age: 3000 years old

Ethnicity (Nationality);Underworldian


Weight:45 kg

Hair color: ebony

Hair type: straight and silky

Eye color: In the mist her eyes would look dark blue, but demigods sees her eyes are actually midnight blue with a minaiture fire in it.

Talents/Skills: (as a person am multi-talented so lets say she is very talented : 3 she often play her violin )

Favorite Class: English, History, Greek Mythology class (which she is very very good at )

Least Favorite Class: MATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (the teacher is Mrs. Dodds who is really Alecto, her dad (Hades) fury, she is often times scolded in that class but she flings her off coz they know each other. Alecto is there too to secure her identity.

Best Subject: ENGLISH

Worst subject: math.

Hobbies: Playing musical instruments like violin,piano and guitar, she sings (but only a few hears her sing..) and she writes


Pets: 3 huskies but actually 3 hellhounds in disguised

Characters you want them to interact with and how: She's an underworldian so a character first be intimated
at her at first. She can be dangerous but once get known she's just like any normal girl would be.. easy going but she always have that 'formal' side. and also she doesnt want too much informal. makes her cringe Razz
Weapon of choice: her weapon is the funerium scythe which is actually kronos scythe melt and forge with stygian iron by Hephaestus. Upgraded by Daedalus and Hades.

Fatal flaw: SPIDERS. anything but SPIDERS. take note even the little ones she throws a fireball at Razz

Any other information:
She is a princess of the underworld, she is very intelligent ,talented and skillful being born to be a ruler one day. She is formal but can be bubbly at times. Her temper is short and patience is too. You dont want to make her angry. but often times she lies by 'Deadly calm approaches.

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Sephany Shadows
Sephany Shadows
Camp Activities Director
Camp Activities Director

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Original Character Application Form Empty Re: Original Character Application Form

Post by freedom14ful on Wed Dec 25, 2013 9:34 pm

Name: Saim Iluis

Godly parent: Poseidon!

Special powers: Hydrokinesis, Earth shaker, can talk to horses

Mortal family: He lives with his grandma, Nymia (maybe she's a Nymph? don't know xD) in New York City

Personality: Joker-like, loves to make pranks, and is very friendly everytime

Roman or Greek?: Full-on Greek!

Friends: Everyone, even the titan Oceanus! except his half brother, Triton

Enemies: Triton, his half brother, gets on his nerves. and ancient sea Gods

Signature outfit: Blue shirt and brown pants with sand shoes, sometimes he wears beach shorts

Single or in a relationship?: Totally Single

If in a relationship, please submit another form with their boyfriend/girlfriends info:

Age: 16

Ethnicity (Nationality); (What do you call someone that lives underwater? xD). He's an American. But he does have that British accent which he like to do everytime

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 53 kg.

Hair color: Black, nothing special

Hair type: Straight and smooth, kinda like a shampoo endorser

Eye color: brown

Talents/Skills: Writing, speaking, sword fighting, a little good in forging (he can forge sabers and knives, not swords), and planning.

Favorite Class: English, History, Science

Least Favorite Class: Math! He's too dyslexic to understand stupid numbers.. xD

Best Subject: English

Worst subject: Math

Hobbies: sword fighting, and experimenting

Pets: Invincible the pegasus

Characters you want them to interact with and how: Well, He's friendly and serious at the same time, that's why he can cooperate with most of the crowds. He's dangerous when angered. He has this fun loving attitude, and is really easy going so it'll be easy interacting.

Weapon of Choice: His beloved long sword, TideBringer. Forged in one of Hephaestus' forges in Mount St. Helens by the god himself, and got cooled in the river Lethe. It has been dipped in the Styx which would make it glow green, and is semi- fortified with Stygian Iron

Fatal flaw: Heights.

Any other information: He's the son of Poseidon. Intelligent, crafty, shrewd, and friendly. He's one of the smartest in his cabin since he is the attack planner, like Athena, plus he's crafty and shrewd like Hermes. He likes to be easy-going which is rather dangerous but he just loves being carefree and stuff. He claims to be the assistant Cabin Counselor, but nobody agrees. and he dreams of being called "The slayer of Triton" one day.

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Original Character Application Form Empty Re: Original Character Application Form

Post by jeralyncaraballe on Wed Dec 25, 2013 11:16 pm

Name: Atheira Angeela
Godly parent:Athena
Special powers:Knowledgeable, creative, and any power related to being wisdom
Mortal family:She lives with her grandmother in a simple house just around in Long Island, NY
Personality:Friendly, silent-type of person but when she become your friend,she will talks a lot. Loyal, faithful, loving and definitely a leader.
Roman or Greek?:Greek
Friends:Those fellow demigods who wants to be friend with her
Enemies:Those fellow demigods who hate her and some gods who hate her mother (Athena)
Signature outfit:She wore a white sleeveless top with a black denim blazer on it and black trouser with a belt having a letter A written on the center of it. She also wore a necklace with gold necklace with a butterfly pendant
Single or in a relationship?: Single
If in a relationship, please submit another form with their boyfriend/girlfriends info:
Ethnicity (Nationality);Athenian? (since I'm a daughter of Athena) ^_^
Weight:45 kg.
Hair color:Black with a strains of light brown
Hair type:straight and smooth
Eye color:light brown
Talents/Skills:sword fighting, multilingual, can play piano, and she posses the talents and skills a good leader should have
Favorite Class: Mathematics, History - Greek Mythology History, English, and class related to speaking of diff. Languages
Least Favorite Class:Science
Best Subject:History
Worst subject:Science
Hobbies:reading any kinds of books, sword fighting, and playing piano sometimes
Pets:an owl (symbolizes her mom)
Characters you want them to interact with and how: Because she's daughter of Athena, it is possible that many of her fellow demigods intimidates with her for she is so knowledgeable. But once you be friend with her, you'll know that she is not really that serious type of person and she makes jokes oftentimes. Just don't let her make angry, 'coz whoever you are, you will taste how her wrath
Weapon of Choice: A bronze sword given to her by her mother on the day she was claimed. She named it Angelus
Fatal flaw:Too much Loyalty
Any other information:She's intelligent, creative and a friendly person who is so loyal with her friends. She's the wittiest child Athena ever had. She loves her friends so much and she's loyal with them that for her anybody who messes with them, will be her enemy for the rest of her life. And her biggest dream is to find someone who will love her despite of anything. Someone who will stay beside her no matter what will happen. And she loves her family so much. And oh, she's the Cabin Counselor of the Athena Cabin.


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Original Character Application Form Empty Re: Original Character Application Form

Post by AnitiRhoeys on Thu Dec 26, 2013 7:48 pm

Name: Aniti Rhoeys

Godly parent: Unclaimed!

Special powers: None yet, since she's unclaimed!

Mortal family: She lives in an apartment with her trusty sidekick which is her awesome BAMF! dad and super nice step-mom

Personality: Cheerful, if you wanna make her mad, well it's almost impossible! Although, if you do make her mad and betray her trust it's gonna be really hard to make her forgive you.

Roman or Greek?: Greek!

Friends: None yet (??)

Enemies: None, although she dislikes most Aphrodite girls.

Signature outfit: She wears a purple dress that's above her knees, with a purple sash wrapping her elbows, keeping the sash in place is a cat pin. She also wears knee high black socks and magenta sneakers.

Single or in a relationship?:  Single, and ready to mingle.

If in a relationship, please submit another form with their boyfriend/girlfriends info:

Age: 13

Ethnicity (Nationality); Half Russian, Half American

Height: 148 cm

Weight: 60 lbs.

Hair color: Blonde so light, it's like white.

Hair type: Short and with bangs gelled to the side.

Eye color: Grayish blue

Talents/Skills: Can smell food like 10 kilometers away, and can make any cocktail known to man. Can play the violin and is striving to learn the viola.

Favorite Class: Bartending, (whaddya mean Bartending ain't a class?))

Least Favorite Class: Math.

Best Subject: Bartending!

Worst subject: Math

Hobbies: Likes to knit, make cocktails, drink said cocktails, and buy scarves and sashes. ((tbh, she doesn't play her violin much.))

Pets: Kitten that she calls "Roxy"

Characters you want them to interact with and how: ((idk actually))

Fatal flaw: She trusts too easily

Any other information: Heck yeah the unclaimed club! Only cool people can join the unclaimed club, that's what Aniti says when she feels lonely that she might be the only unclaimed child in  the whole camp. Keyword: might. She's oh-so new to this camp, like new new. She's proud to say that she can be sassy, sweet, sarcastic, and over all a pain in the ass. Careful though, this unclaimed child can make you angry, annoyed. Her motto is, "You're all the same. Give a man a plastic hand... : which frankly, doesn't make sense. She dreams to be like Rose Tyler and Donna Noble from doctor who.


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Original Character Application Form Empty Re: Original Character Application Form

Post by Eclaire on Fri Dec 27, 2013 2:12 am

Name: Keira Blueshade

Godly parent:Unclaimed (but she is really Poseidon's kid)

Special powers: none she knows (although she thinks there are strange things going on with her she doesn't understand fully)

Mortal family:no one

Personality: cold, very unsociable, mysterious, cocky

Roman or Greek?:Greek

Friends:only one; a mortal

Enemies:every single one who gets in her way

Signature outfit:She seems to always wear black and white. Black leather jacket, white tank top, black leather shorts, a wicked silver belt designed to carry loads of weapons, long black boots and black leather gloves. She wears a mysterious, beautiful-looking necklace.

Single or in a relationship?:uninterested in romance

If in a relationship, please submit another form with their boyfriend/girlfriends info:


Ethnicity (Nationality);British


Weight:46 kg

Hair color:black

Hair type:long straight hair

Eye color:sapphire blue

Talents/Skills: she's very very good in swords-play, excellent in archery, trained with guns, intelligent and witty

Favorite Class:none

Least Favorite Class:none

Best Subject:none

Worst subject:none

Hobbies:hunting, killing monsters


Weapon of choice: Her favorite is her wicked blue-white translucent sword with a drakon-skin hilt, a gift from Hephaestus himself. It is as beautiful as it is merciless.

Characters you want them to interact with and how: whoever's brave and fool enough to approach her, i guess

Fatal flaw:vulnerability towards her only friend

Any other information:She's a new recruit who's very cold, foul-tempered and difficult to get along with. The only person who understands her is her friend. She doesn't care much. She won't respect you unless you show her that you are deserving of it. She wears this strange glowing silver necklace that has an animate white glow inside a delicately designed glass with silver swirls she'd always had since she was a baby. She is very talented with weapons. She has a strong front. As ruthless as she is beautiful. She doesn't really care about being unclaimed, most especially she doesn't care about the gods. You've never seen angry till you see her loose it. So, if you ever do, run like tartarus is behind you.

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Original Character Application Form Empty Re: Original Character Application Form

Post by 781227MORTAL on Fri Dec 27, 2013 4:05 pm

name: Charl Gugasian
Godly parent: Hermes
Special powers: Thievery  
Mortal family: Both mortal parents died from a car crash. His Mortal Grandfather Carl Gugasian II took care of him, thought him how to pick pockets and locks, and became his Father-figure.
Personality: Lacks the sense of humor most Hermes' kids have. Lacks self confidence. A kleptomaniac
Roman or Greek?: Greek
Friends: none so far, except for his Grandfather Carl Gugasian II.
Enemies: none so far
Signature outfit: A gray T-shirt with printed wings on it's back. Grey Pants. Grey Shoes with printed wings on it's sides.
Single or in a relationship?: single
If in a relationship, please submit another form with their boyfriend/girlfriends info:
Age: 14
Ethnicity (Nationality); American
Height: 4'11
Weight: 39 kg
Hair color: black
Hair type: straight yet ruffled
Eye color: Brown
Talents/Skills: Stealing things
Favorite Class: English and History
Least Favorite Class: PE
Best Subject: Science
Worst subject: PE
Hobbies: Visiting banks and looking for their security flaws
Pets: none
weapon of choice: the swiss army knife he stole from a hephaestus' kid, which can fold out into a bronze sword.
Characters you want them to interact with and how: He's very hard to notice with his short stature and quiet demeanor. But once you become his friend, he'll be loyal and always stay by your side.
Fatal flaw: Lacks confidence
Any other information: He's a descendant of Carl Gugasian, also known as the "Friday night Bank robber" who has performed 50 heists in 30 years. After a conversation with him or even a close encounter, immediately check if you still have all your belongings. He might already be walking away with your stuff.

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Original Character Application Form Empty Re: Original Character Application Form

Post by MadHatter7 on Fri Dec 27, 2013 7:22 pm

Name: Sage Heavenswheel, only people she trusts know her real name and she hides under the nickname Hornet

Godly Parent: Undetermined (But is actually Demeter's child. Claiming somewhere 'round the RP?)

Special Powers: Only one; she can bend vines to her will. But it ain't enough for her to determine her parentage. Well, that, and being exceedingly annoying. If that counts as a special power. Well, NO ONE is half as annoyingly annoying as her.

Mortal family: She used to live with her Dad in Illinois until a monster came and ate him whole. She also has an older brother--two years older than her. But he disappeared the moment the "attack" happened. But he's already a camper.

Personality: easy-going, funny, nice, joker, SARCASTIC, DAREDEVIL, REBEL, stubborn, exceedingly loyal, sadistic, somehow a little bit cheerfully untact (is there such a word?), also got a bit of an ego, she does

Roman or Greek? Sort of like a Greek version of Frank. Her father is a Roman legacy descended from Nemesis.

Friends: As nice as she is, none. She doesn't want to get too social with mortals for fear that she will only bring harm to them. And she also avoids campers because she's a little mistrustful.

Enemies: Anyone who wishes to annihilate her . . . or wants to munch up all her cookies and chocolate . . .

Signature Outfit: She loves wearing anything red. Her whole wardrobe (which ain't that much) is composed of different styles of red blouses and tight black pants. She also always wears her combat boots which is sorta customized since the right boot's got a knife up in front and a knife in the back of her left boot.

Single or in a relationship? Completely has no interest in romance. Sorta bitter about that ever since she fell in love with someone few months back.

Age: 16

Ethnicity (Nationality)
: 1/2 Irish, 1/4 American and 1/4 Welsh British on the father side, 'course

Height: 5'5

Weight: 43 kg

Hair Color: Fiery red

Hair Type: Waist-length, choppy, a little wavy, always tied

Eye Color: Twinkling Sea-Green that have a Mischievous Glint

Talents/Skills: She may be limited in her powers, but she is really good in physical activities, hence: Swordplay (really, really, really good), Shooting (awesome marksman . . . err . . . woman), Martial Arts, Survival, Trekking, and annoying someone to death Very Happy

Favorite Class: Mythology and Latin

Least Favorite Class: There is no question. MATH

Best Subject: Mythology

Worst subject: -_-  Definitely MATH

Hobbies: Hunting, Swimming, Playing Her Harmonica and Annihilating Monsters

Pet: A black and white wolf named Silena

Weapon of Choice: Despite her being a nice and carefree gal, she uses strings connected to her hands that are razor sharp as well as poisoned. With one flick of her finger and change of her thoughts, she can manipulate each string simultaneously to kill, to torture or to capture. If all else fails, she uses a pair of longknives.

Characters you want them to interact with and how: Any person who doesn't care if they could be killed, maimed or incinerated. And she's mostly in it just as allies. No friends whatsoever.

Fatal Flaw: Too trusting. One of the few reasons why she stays away from other people because she can't help but believe almost anything. She's too trusting. Plus, when she's fighting, she is too reckless and overconfident.

Any Other Information: Whenever she's fighting, she loses all sense and turns into a different person completely. She's merciless, violent, sadistic, but still sarcastic. But that rarely happens because she doesn't often meet someone who she deems worthy for her too fight. As I said, cheerfully untact--if there is such a word. Plus, she has VERY low defense which is why she rarely relies on the sword even if she's good at it.

Can't wait for the RP to start!  Wink


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Original Character Application Form Empty Re: Original Character Application Form

Post by CHBXena18 on Mon Dec 30, 2013 2:24 pm

Name: ......Call me Luke.

Godly parent: Poseidon

Special powers: Hydrokinesis, Cyrokinesis

Mortal family: Ruby Asphord (Mother, Deceased)

Personality: Uchiha Sasuke with a more improved personality (i.o.w, I talk, dufus.)

Roman or Greek?: Greek

Friends: Persephany, Saime... and four others.

Enemies: Gods, probably... and fangirls.

Signature outfit: Hoodie, Jeans, and Chucks.

Single or in a relationship?: Single (In a Relationship at 17)

{If in a relationship, please submit another form with their boyfriend/girlfriends info:
His name's Jack Frost. He's over three hundred years old and he's a guardian. Look him up the internet, I'm sure you'll find his fangirls screaming out information about him.

Age: 15

Ethnicity (Nationality); Filipino

Height: ...does it matter? I'm average.

Weight: again... really? Average.

Hair color: Dark Brown

Hair type: Long, Wavy

Eye color: Dark Brown

Talents/Skills: "I can sing... though, I hardly sing in front of an audience, and play the guitar. I'm imaginative... though that's hardly a skill, so maybe some other term would vouch for it.

Favorite Class: Science.

Least Favorite Class: ... Social Studies
Best Subject: Science

Worst subject: Again, Social Studies.

Hobbies: I read books. I write stories I sleep a lot. I daydream. I'm doing what every teenager does when I'm not being chased around by a monster wanting my head.

Pets: None. (I am wishing though...)

Characters you want them to interact with and how: Anyone who can put up with me and my silence is as good as anyone.

Fatal flaw: Too Independent.

Any other information:

I'm probably the most awkward teenager you'll ever meet. If you want to talk to me then TALK, otherwise, I'll ignore you like how I ignore the rest of the world. Why am I like this, you ask? It's NONE of your business. But, I'll tell you this, once I open up to you, you don't EVER, EVER judge me. You don't shut me out or scold me like I didn't know what I was doing. I know what I'm doing and I did it because I want to and I trust you enough to show you that side of me.

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Original Character Application Form Empty Re: Original Character Application Form

Post by pericoshipper on Thu Jan 02, 2014 10:44 pm

Name : Helena Cleisthenes Alvord
Godly parent: Unknown ( But I'm claimed in other Claiming Quiz . I'm a daughter of Aphrodite )

Special powers : Amokinesis , Beauty and Omnipotent allure and Charmspeak

Mortal family: I've been living with my Auntie Lena and my Dad .. I lived at a villa along the beach of Manhattan

Personality: Bit selfish . Sometimes I'm a flirt but not a slut .. I'm nice .. Intelligent and Friendly .

Roman or Greek?: I prefer Greek

Friends: None . because I'm new here .. But honestly .. I want a guy friend .

Enemies: Slut or people trying to get in my way

Signature outfit: A Blue or Pink Dress , Brown doll shoes and a curly hair .

Single or in a relationship?: Single

If in a relationship, please submit another form with their boyfriend/girlfriends info:

Age: 13

Ethnicity (Nationality); Bit Dewish .. American
Height: 4'9

Weight: Don't know . But I'm not that fat and not that thin . Average Weight .

Hair color: Brown

Hair type: Curly

Eye color: Any color like my aphrodite .. but mostly green .

Talents/Skills: Sing . Dance . Act . I can read 5 books at the same time .

Favorite Class: English , Science and Music

Least Favorite Class: Math .

Best Subject: Music and English

Worst subject: MATH

Hobbies: Edit pictures and music , read books and shopping .

Pets: I hate animals .

Characters you want them to interact with and how

Fatal flaw: Too nice and kind .

Any other information: Maybe .. I'm not that kind .. but if you treat me nice , ofcourse I'll treat you the same way you treat me .. Be careful of messing with me .. Haha ! Maybe I/ you can consider me a flirt but not a slut ..


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Original Character Application Form Empty Re: Original Character Application Form

Post by MiRaIncognito on Thu Feb 27, 2014 3:19 pm

Name: Mirabella Aimi Jun Wakahisa

Species: Demigod

Heritage: Greek (From Mother); Filipino, Chinese, and Japanese (From Father)

Parent: Hui Jun Wakahisa

Godly Parent: Athena

Godly Relatives: Hecate (Grandmother)

Step-Mother: Adalicia Mahieu Wakahisa

Siblings: Other children of Athena

Best Friend: None (so far)

Age: 13

Height: 5 Feet

Weight: 40 kilograms

Hair color: Dark Brown

Hair type: Shoulder-Length

Eye color: Brown; Right eye turns white when casting magic

Signature Outfits:
When in camp: Oversized Camp t-shirt; Shorts; Sandals; Orb Necklace; Digital Watch; Metal Bracelet; Bracelet
When outside camp: Fandom T-shirts; Shorts; Sandals; Orb Necklace; Digital Watch; Metal Bracelet; Bracelet

Affiliations: Camp Half-Blood

Cabin: 12

Favorite Class: All

Least Favorite Class: None

Best Subject: Science

Worst subject: Mortal History

Hobbies: Reading; singing in the shower

Pets: Toy Poodle

Notable Habits: Always stumbling while walking because she can't seem to stop reading books; twisting her bangs; nail biting

Magical Item(s): A necklace with a blue orb as a pendant which can turn into battle ready armor when tapped (a gift from Athena)

Flaw(s): Knows too much information causing people to lose interest in what she says or get annoyed at her because she can always prove them wrong; can get random at times; doesn't think before she acts; can get really random at times

Powers: Can wield magic of every element but has to cool down for as much time needed depending on the impact of the spell

Mirabella had always been an intelligent sprite who knew alot about anything. She was the typical perfect student every teacher loved. She would get small insults here and there but Mirabella would somehow know that those people were only jealous of her. When she felt hurt by those insults, she would watch anime or read manga. Sometimes Mirabella can't understand what she is reading because of her dyslexia but in good days, and fortunately most days, she could understand everything.

Since her father was a mix of Filipino, Chinese, and Japanese, her family would usually visit ASia and visit her father's hometowns. First, they would go to China and ask help and guidance from Mirabella's ancestors. Then, they would go to Japan to visit her father's parents since they lived in Japan. Mira would buy some anime memorabilia since she was a major otaku. Lastly, they would go to the Philippines and bathe in it's beautiful beaches. She would always end up getting sunburnt but it would magically disappear the next day without a trace. SOmething Mirabella didn't understand at that time. But after their trip to Asia, they would go to Paris, France. The birthplace of Mira's stepmother.

Mirabella has known her stepmother since she was born. But Unliike the stepmothers Mira woud watch on the television, her stepmother was motherly. She wasn't wicked or evil, she was kind and gentle, she wasn't hateful and vengeful, she was loving and caring. Mirabella treated her like a real mother.

One day while Mirabella, her dad, and her stepmom were strolling through the Champs Elysees Mira saw Erinyes flying over them. Her father noticed this and whispered something in her stepmom's ears, Mirabella could swear that her dad said "It's time." They hurriedly went back to their hotel, packed their bags, and rode the next airplane to New York. Mirabella fell asleep most of the way but the next thing she remembers is waking up at Camp Half-Blood.

(I kind of wanted to end her story right there but if you're curious: Mirabella found herself talking to a centaur, beings half-man and half-horse, named Chiron. Chiron set up an Iris-Message to Mira's parents and from there they explained to Mira about her situation. Long story short, Mira will now be training at Camp Half-Blood.)


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