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Companion A Satyr or a Nymph and maybe Alecto....

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Companion A Satyr or a Nymph and maybe Alecto....

Post by Ailleen on Sat Jul 07, 2012 5:39 pm

For RP basis I want to know who are your companions


for me my companion is Sophie a dryad

For the Companions:
How did you meet?:
Any detail you want to add?:

Example Mine

Name(of the nymph/satyr): Sophie
Kind: Dryad
Status(What is your nymph/satyr doing now): on a blind date
Expertise: Cleaning
Hobbies: going on blind dates, cleaning, and cooking me cake >Very Happy
Attitude: runs away when trouble comes, smacks me with a frying pan when needed
How did you meet?: (ok so this goes way back)Sophie was walking around camp and cleaning whatever was ever needed to be cleaned. Until she bumped into a little girl who was around 7 looking confused. "New?" Sophie asked nicely. "Yes, and I'm looking for my friend who was running in here...." The little girl answered. "Oh... what cabin are you from?" Sophie asked since it was often to see 7 year old kids in camp she was feeling bliss at the moment. while Sophie was on wonderland thinking how they can be friends and all the little girl was almost at the top of the entrance of camp. Sophie ran after the girl before she could come out. "Wait you can't go out there are monsters out there." Sophie warned. "But daddy is still there outside sleeping." The little girl answered. "Why is your dad sleeping at the entrance of camp?" Sophie asked obviously confused. "I knocked him out" The little girl answered. "What do you mean y that?" Sophie asked trying to maintain a smile. "I was dragging him inside here when he accidentally hit his head at the pole." The little girl answered. Sophie was trying to force a smile, she saw Chiron trying to help out the unconscious man up. Sophie held hands with the little girl and said "Come on I'll help you." After that the two walked back to camp.
Any detail you want to add?: She's noisy *gets smacked by frying pan*

once you're done filling that up here are the rules in rping them

1. you're not allowed to control other people's companion
2. if you want Alecto only children of Hades are allowed to use her o.o
3. they should be nice (by that I mean they're not allowed to say foul language and maintain their language in pg)
4. No bashing other Companions or bio's
5. You're only allowed to have one companion
Cabin Counselor
Cabin Counselor

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Re: Companion A Satyr or a Nymph and maybe Alecto....

Post by Sephany Shadows on Sat Jul 07, 2012 8:29 pm

Kind:Goddess of Vengeance, Fury
Status: Secretary of the Princess of the Underworld
Expertise: lecto is the Erinys with the job of castigating the moral crimes (such as anger), especially if they are against other people. Her function is similar to Nemesis, with the difference that Nemesis's function is to castigate crimes against the gods.
Hobbies: *Whispers* she likes killing.. okay?
Attitude: formal, patient..*whispers* i don't WANT to describe her attitude... -_- she got issues
How did you meet?: Well, I am the princess of the underworld... which would mean she is my subject..
Any detail you want to add?:
nah I'm cool
Sephany Shadows
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Camp Activities Director

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Re: Companion A Satyr or a Nymph and maybe Alecto....

Post by freedom14ful on Sat Jul 07, 2012 8:56 pm

Name: Allin
Kind: Satyr
Status: bathing in my cabin's hot spring
Expertise: Cleaning (himself mostly)
Hobbies: Giving himself a bath
Attitude: screams when something scares him, splashes water to anybody.
How did you meet: Hmmm... It all goes down when I went to camp right after I had my stay in the underworld (that was the time when I threw a big party in my new chamber), I was dizzy and still smiling on what had transcended the other day in the dark creepy corridor.. Anyway, as I was going towards my cabin, I met a Satyr standing in front of the door. "You're late!" He shouted, wow, talk about that, a Satyr shouting at you, I studied him very closely, he was tall, actually taller than me, his horns stuck out, and a face full of hair, "Wait. What?! What do you want?" I said while picking out a a pen in my pocket, "Don't you dare use that, I'm highly trained." He said with a hint of fear in his voice, "Hurry it up and open the door!". I had no choice and I opened it, before I went inside, He dashed towards the back door and then I heard a splash, he shouted across the wall, "AH! Finally! Thanks son of Poseidon, the name's Allin", I walked towards the back door and opened it, there I saw Allin swimming then I had a question to ask him "I thought Satyrs were afraid of the water?" I asked looking puzzled, he looked back at me his eyebrows met (or was that just hair, I couldn't tell), "I'm not like other satyrs, thank you very much, I love cleanliness especially to yourself" he said. I laughed as I went inside the cabin.

Any detail you want to add?: He's clean.

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Re: Companion A Satyr or a Nymph and maybe Alecto....

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